Saturday, November 26, 2011

Term's Ended

So my school term has finally ended. It's been rough in weird ways.

I had an ankle over-pronation. So can't run the Stan chart marathon. Nobody wants to take my place for free though haha.

Not being able to exercise and getting sick so many times this semester- that's something that I had not dealt with for some time. Ever since army I'd been rather strong, so this semester has been trying in that way. Kinda like I had quite some frustration with school work but no physical outlet to vent it on.

My trip to Israel has been approved. So, God-willing I'll be able to go. I'm rather aware that it may or may not materialise, because of the volatility of the region. Those are risks that I accepted when I put down Israel as my first choice and I will live with the consequences, and on a prayer.

Some things that happened this Semester

I had quite a lot of projects. This one is from a Human Capital Management Module. I learnt a lot from that course. This semester has been one in which there were many JIT projects- Just In Time delivery. So we worked late into the night the night before the presentations to get things done. Very crazy and scary in a way- on retrospect, because when you're in the midst of it you're too tired to be scared. But I guess that sometimes that's just how the group dynamics is, and sometimes the presentations can turn out to be rather unexpectedly good?

I felt that this semester, I had quite a lot of favour from fellow students and lecturers and help from God in many ways. I felt that I did well in many of the classes. But one thing I just need to keep remembering over and over again is 1 Corinthians 4:7 which says, "For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you had not?"

Any blessing I ever have is from God. God gives and God can take away as well and I would do very well to remember that. God had taken a lot of this success away from me when I was in my NSF years. I can see how He moulded me. Now, I am increasing in success in ministry and in my studies again. Tomorrow God might choose to take it all away. Will I be able to handle it? Can we handle God's discipline?

Or when we are blessed, can we handle the blessing? So often I come close to forgetting that all I have is given me by my God. One thing I really believe is that since I belong to God, and all of me is God's, then it follows that all I have- my finances, my time, my relationships. All these belong to God. Yes, I still have a long way to go in so many areas, but God changes me in His time.


Okay, we're setting up Alpha Course at SMU. This is something I'm really looking forward to, but won't be able to attend the whole thing cuz God-willing I'll be over in Israel. I've really enjoyed myself planning stuff with the Alpha Core Team this semester and I really thank God for all of them. It's been a joy serving with them. And since the team is half made up of my university seniors, I think I will be missing them very soon.

This is how I looked like in the Crusade room one day. Probably before or after a presentation, a FT lesson (Finishing Touch- a module to do with interview skills/ resume skills etc.), or some company talk. This semester I've been growing fat. But I guess that I need to stop chasing perfection in life, but chase what God wants for me. Because those two are not necessarily the same thing.

Took a course called Facilitation and Counselling in SMU. One of the coolest courses around. It's pass/ fail, but you really learn a lot of things and you do so really for the joy of learning (which is something sorely lacking from the education system given that much of the studying done today is coupled with the chasing after of grades). In fact, I was doing a presentation in class one day, and I met my co-presenter like at the start of the class. I was asking around for so-and-so and it was really quite hilarious. Like, "Hi, I'm Tai Yong, nice to meet you. We're presenting together in a few minutes time".

Okay, this was my group from Campus Crusade Freshmen Orientation Camp, before sem started. The irony is that not many freshmen come anyway. I guess there are just too many camps to go to. The good thing about this camp is that it's really very relaxing, though.

On a side note, I always thought that the name Campus Crusade for Christ is rather offensive. Always wondered why Bill Bright chose that name. It carries very negative connotations, especially to Muslim friends, I feel. I mean, how would we feel if there was a Campus Jihad for Allah? Something to think about. Just like how the original meaning of Jihad was supposed to be positive but was tainted by extremists and fundamentalist terror groups, the original meaning of Crusade is positive, but was tainted by various misdeeds done by the Crusaders of the past.

But oh well, as it is, what to do for now? Heard they're changing the name to "Cru". And I don't know how that's any better. Cuz people will just ask "what's the meaning of Cru?" and then here we go again...

Two and a half months before Israel

This is a period of my life I won't have again. There are so many things I want to do. A few include completing some Research Assistant work for Pol Science, learning Hebrew, preparing for Israel, handing over my kids to the youth ministry, spending some time with old friends before flying off, trying somehow to find a way to exercise, playing the guitar a bit, going to a couple of camps... etc.

I am loathe to waste my time on stuff like computer games. Yet sometimes it's so attractive and addictive man. Have deleted them all from my com for now, and hopefully I'll be able to fill my time with meaningful stuff.

And oh yes, have been learning and trying how to cook. Something I really enjoyed in this period of time that I was not able to exercise. Cooking was some kind of outlet for frustration, since I couldn't run.

Okay time to turn in for bed already. Tomorrow (rather, later today) my class teachers and I will be doing Open Sunday for two sessions. Looking forward. Topic is on hearing God's voice.

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