Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two days at home

So I got sick somewhere between Thurs night and Friday morning. Perhaps I got sick before that already. I never really know these days. And on Friday I had green mucus and phlegm. (Sounds like Green Eggs and Ham right?) So I went to work, handed some stuff over and came home.

Saturday and Sunday I was home. I don't like being sick. I even missed CM. And felt quite bad about it really. Having to hand over stuff so last minute. And having to not see my kids there.

Internship has been going good. Been able to facilitate a relatively smooth handover of some of my duties to an incoming personnel.

Many things on my mind recently. Of life, NS Book Project, work at internship, ministry, work at internship, people, work at internship. extra taskings in Crusade. Really kinda tiring. Good to take a break by being sick, actually. Makes me think that a good leader must make sure that systems are set in place to run without him or her. Systems must not be built around people. Good leaders leave a legacy. They leave a functioning machinery able to work years after them.

These last two days have been weird. Taking this anti-running nose medicine. And that makes me drowsy. Plus I've got this weird twitching thing in my right triceps. It's like a muscle there keeps twitching. Wonder whether it's got anything to do with medicine or that I'm just so concerned with so many things.

I wonder whether this had to do with a certain prayer a few days before that went, "Lord, I really need a break man..." Is there an undo function to prayers?

So I'm going back for reservist soon. And I started to call up my men to find out more about their lives and how they are doing. Well, we'll see how it goes.

Closing thought for the day. Isn't it such a "dangerous" prayer when we ask God to teach us obedience, faithfulness, humbleness and trust? Throughout history and through the bible. Such lessons most often come through adversity. Yet when all pain has borne its fruit I think it should be worth it.

Tired from medication. Right triceps twitching. I suppose it's trying to tell me that it needs a workout desperately because I haven't exercised much for weeks and I feel quite awful and lousy and sorry about myself today. Haha. What a wallowing-in-self-pity-no-pride comment.

Good night all. May there be no people making noise and drinking alcohol in the nearby void deck tonight. They make it so much harder for me to sleep.

I blame this weird doesn't-sound-like-my-normal-blogging post on my medication. I blame everything on my medication.

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