Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Internship and other updates

Internship is going along fine. Though some days I feel really drained at the end. I get back home about 8 or 9 plus and I don't have much strength left to do other stuff. But still, I really thank God.

Am very much looking forward to Crusade camp.

Also just had a very good chat with one of the guys from my NS unit. Very encouraging chat. My first in-camp is coming soon. And I really thank God for it. I've called up most of my men and started chatting with them and finding out how all of them are doing before the in-camp. I could have just smsed them, but this time I want to do it differently. I really want to be the kind of inspirational, God-fearing and strong leader that I think I often wasn't for most of my NS.

When I left my unit two years back during ORD, I could not wait to get out through the gates and head home. Over the last two years, God has been working in my life over many different issues. I want to overcome my reservist days in full surrender to God. That being said, I understand that it may not be as easy as I'd expect. But here we go.

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