Thursday, May 19, 2011

Long run today. :)

:) Am very happy cuz I completed a long run today. I think it was between 18 to 20 klick. Ran from my workplace in Bedok near Jeshua's place out the park connector to Changi area, Tanah Merah MRT down to Bedok, Kembangan, Eunos MRT and then turned right towards Ubi, Defu and Hougang.

Kinda slow though.

I doubt I will repeat this run anytime soon. One of the smellier runs I've been on. Fresh air only at the start when you can sniff the sea breeze. Then it's quite a bit of exhaust. At Defu I got to smell all the factory fumes again. Yikes.

Just thought that I really really like running. Though I'm not a really good runner. I'm not a talented runner. I'm just a disciplined, happy runner. Heh. But oh well I still enjoy it man.

Sundown marathon beckons.

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