Thursday, March 17, 2011

Woke up by Accident

Well, it's 6:40a.m. as I type this. Worked till about 12:30a.m. on the CAT project this morning. Was supposed to sleep till about 8:30a.m. (y'know, sorta reward myself with good rest). But I have woken up by accident (needed to pee) and then decided to check my com for some file transfer stuff I'm doing (to pre-empt com crashing- don't want to lose all the work done this sem).

I've been very productive these past few days. Really thank God for that. Oh yeah, and went for Street E on Tuesday. I actually don't go for such stuff. It's like I feel that the best way is with people you already know- and somehow it feels more correct cuz you really have to be living out the right type of life... etc. But anyway, I'd been asking God what He wants of me in my time here. He didn't tell me to go for Street E but I just volunteered for it anyway. There's this thing that some other Crusaders have been talking about. They call it prophetic evangelism. Something like you pray for God to show you a picture of who you should be sharing with and then you write it down and then you go around to find that person... My skeptical mind is bashing up the idea but somehow it sounds interesting... Perhaps one day should try.

Okay since I'm up I suppose I'll do my morning stuff (sit on the throne, read papers etc. ). And then maybe some early QT. And after that maybe I'll get back into my bed. Got a lesson at 12p.m. but if the weather clears up, I might be able to fit in a run and some sort of a workout. (Very happy that I managed to start exercising a bit on Monday and Tuesday!)

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