Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Notes

Last Friday was my birthday.

I don't really bother that much about birthdays.

Played around with my Facebook birthday date, just so to see what happened. True enough, all those "Happy Birthday"s didn't come in, until after a birthday card application spoiled the whole social experiment.

But I thought I'd do something I hadn't done for some time and went for a substantial morning run. Roughly 8 klicks.

Then it was off to school for lessons. Stayed in school till about 11p.m. plus doing CAT.

Saturday was record-setting. Started doing CAT slightly after 9a.m. Found myself still debugging stuff at about 1a.m. on a beautiful Sunday morning. Slept at about 2a.m. Then went to church, unexpectedly had to do the lesson (but yet, enjoyed it thoroughly because God provided the message), settled some NS Book stuff. Then I found out that a friend's grandma had died on my birthday. Went down to view the body, talk and all. Then, in a very tired state, got home and promptly resumed CAT at about 7p.m. Finished at about 11p.m.

Monday was the CAT presentation and I was so tired and full of headaches.

So I went home.

Today is a Tuesday and I am very busy with Pol Sc stuff.

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