Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here's my first attempt at lasagne. And I think it went pretty well. But I got the top wrong though. The top layer of flour became hard. But thank God everything beneath turned out okay. Had Jeremy and Caleb over last night for a sleepover.

Then we watched "Three Idiots", a Bollywood show. And it was an awesome show. Like, really really really good. I was so impressed.

Okay there's the lasagne.

There're the two guinea pigs. The third one took the picture.

This week I tried to rest a bit. Last Sunday was Young Adults games day. Then Monday was DG day out. So I got a little bit of exercise. Quite enjoyed myself. Tuesday- Project. Wednesday- Study. Thursday- Projects. Friday- ENOUGH OF ALL THAT- Took a break. Today- Break. Tomorrow- Sabbath.

So for this season I've been trying to take a break and rest in God. Most of the time I've failed terribly. But yesterday afternoon and today were good at least. So that's a start.

School is such a mad rush these days. Especially since I have CAT. I never actually thought it would happen to me... but I feel that I'm not having the same amount of passion for God's word these days. It's almost like Egypt's famine. That right now the food supply of scripture I'm relying on is all that I've stored up in the past. I've not been memorising much new scripture lately. I'm like being sustained by all the past memory work.

Not been exercising as much as I'd like to lately. Hmmm. Should try harder perhaps.

Going to church tml. Looking forward.

Here's an extract from Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress:

"... Nay, stay, said the Interpreter, till I have showed thee a little more, and after that thou shalt go thy way. So he took him by the hand again, and led him into a very dark room, where there sat a man in an iron cage.

Now the man, to look on, seemed very sad: he sat with his eyes looking down to the ground, his hands folded together, and he sighed as if he would break his heart. Then said Christian, What means this? At which the Interpreter bid him talk with the man.

Then said Christian to the man, What art thou? The man answered, I am what I was not once.

Christian. What was thou once?

Man. The man said, I was once a fair and flourishing professor, both in mine own eyes and also in the eyes of others. I was once, as I thought, fair for the Celestial City, and had even joy at the thoughts that I should get thither. (Luke viii. 13.)

Christian. Well, but what art thou now?

Man. I am now a man of despair, and am shut up in it, as in this iron cage. I cannot get out; oh , now I cannot!

Christian. But how camest thou into this condition?

Man. I left off to watch and be sober; I laid reins upon the neck of my lusts; I sinned against the light of the World and the goodness of God. I have grieved the Spirit, and he is gone; I tempted the devil, and he is come to me; I have provoked God to anger, and He has left me. I have so hardened my heart, that I cannot repent.

Then said Christian to the Interpreter, But are there no hopes for such a man as this? Ask him, said the Interpreter.

Christian. Then said Christian, Is there no hope, but you must be kept in the iron cage of despair?

Man. No, none at all.

Christian. Why, the Son of the Blessed is very pitiful.

Man. I have crucified Him to myself afresh. I have despised His person; I have despised His righteousness; I have counted His blood an unholy thing; I have done despite to the Spirit of grace (Luke xix. 14; Heb. vi. 4-6; x. 28,29): therefore, I have shut myself out of all the promises, and there now remains to me nothing but threatenings, dreadful threatenings, fearful threatenings of certain judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour me as an adversary.

Christian. For what did you bring yourself into this condition?

Man. For the lusts, pleasures, and profits of this world; in the enjoyment of which I did then promise myself much delight: but now every one of those things also bite me, and gnaw me like a burning worm.

Christian. But canst thou not now repent and turn?

Man. God hath denied me repentance. His Word gives me no encouragement to believe; yea, He himself hath shut me up in this iron cage: nor can all men in the world let me out. O eternity! eternity! how shall I grapple with the misery that I must meet with in eternity?..."

Don't we often find our own cage and shut ourselves in?

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