Saturday, January 08, 2011

They're Sec 1s Already

I miss them all. Of course, there are a couple more not in the picture.

I was concerned that the guys would not like the colour scheme of these boxes so I spent quite a while deliberating on whether to buy them. I let the guys choose first (most of my class consisted of girls). In the end one of the guys picked pink. -_-

The significance? Salt and light of the earth, as per Matthew 5:13-16. Coffee beans- cuz if you put an egg, a carrot, and coffee beans in boiling water, after some time you'll find that the egg becomes hard, the carrot becomes soft and the coffee bean remains quite the same. And what's more, it changes its whole environment with its flavour. An old story.

Got the boxes at Tecman, the plastic from SKP, the light bulbs after a hunt at the electric stalls near Heartland Mall and the Coffee Beans after walking through the Kovan Wet Market. I had to buy at least 100g of coffee beans, so if anybody wants the rest... let me know. I sorta figured out the little plastic bag looks best with only 7 beans. Anymore and it looks too packed together.

So tomorrow I get to have a day of orientation with my new class of Primary 6s. Here we go all over again. How do I say it? I miss my Sec 1s. And yet when I look at my new class, I feel glad. It is a positive type of deja vu, if there was one. It starts all over again. Same yet different.

What does God have in store this year?

School started last Monday. Quite a hectic first week. Many thoughts.

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Jane said...

I'm so satisfied with your ministry. What you've sown today, you'll see all the fruits tomorrow! :)