Sunday, December 05, 2010

Stanchart and oh... I remember the toads

Yes, I finished Stan Chart today. But was rather slow. Because my running buddy got an ankle sprain. And he started limping from about 32 to 34 klick. We finished the first 21 klick running. I think we were at about 2.5 hours. Which is a slow, comfortable, steady pacing for me. Then we slowed down and ran-walked. Then his ankle started to get worse and worse. And then we had to seek medical attention, get the ankle wrapped up and stop once in a while. Worst part was when he was limping up slope.

Yeah, poor thing. But respect him for finishing. I think we took slightly more than 7 hours. A horrible timing, but it was a good experience and looking back, if given the choice, I would still have done it.

Then I had to walk back 1.5 to 2 kilometres to get our baggage from F1 pit building. Don't know what the organisers were thinking, to put the baggage collection point there when the race ended at the Padang.

Haha. My running buddy was commenting at about 38 klicks that he would never do another marathon again but by the time we got on the taxi he was considering Sundown Marathon. Hmmm... I'm thinking about Sundown now. Perhaps, perhaps.

Oh yes, forgot to mention one of my major achievements in camp. Catching two toads on the first night! First one was fairly easy. Gideon told me about it and then I caught it with a plastic bag. Wasn't sure what it was (still not very sure). As in, frog or toad, so always better to use plastic bag. Makes sure I don't get poisoned. =P. Second one was tougher. It was making so much noise inside the drain. I had to almost camp outside the drainage for 20 minutes before it emerged and I grabbed it. The way to catch such animals is to sort of corner. The difficulty comes from the fact that they are slippery and slimy.

I believe they're toads. But not entirely sure. See, frogs have smooth, green skin. Toads generally have bumpy skin.

Uh yeah, this is how a frog looks like. Can touch. Not poisonous. Will smile at the camera if coaxed- by a scary looking guy with a set of white fangs.

The other major achievements are bathing in an outdoor shower while it was raining (though the changing back into dry clothes part was tricky) and getting stung by a bee on the second night. That was quite an experience. (I keh kiang lah. Had caught a bee earlier in the night which was without a sting. I assumed that the second bee was the same bee. It wasn't). So I have now officially been bitten by a bee. (I was bitten by a python a couple of years back and also by a grass snake I was playing with two years back). Hmm. Perhaps God gave me those teeth for a reason. Maybe I should bite back at anything that bites me.

So yes, you can see why I thoroughly loved this campsite. (Boys Brigade Campsite at Sembawang). But unfortunately almost everyone else hated it. What a pity.

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