Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve post

It's Christmas Eve and I'm just thinking of some of the stuff that's happened this year. Just in that reflective mood again. I like it that I don't really have much to do these two days, except to finish a short 1000 word report on HR. I'm already done with 600 words or so, so the next 400 should come quite easy.

I've been to Children's Camp, Spiritual Milk (the baptism class for Pri 6s) and YPM Camp. I've benefitted from all three and quite thoroughly enjoyed most of it. I'll miss Crusade Camp, but then somehow I guess it's good that I take a break from all this Christian stuff. To be honest, I think too much of camps and all (unless God calls one to take it all on) is a sure recipe for burn out. You get tired with what you should be enjoying the most.

Yesterday I was out playing soccer at the cage at Kallang with some of the church guys. Then we went to old airport road for dinner and a long chit-chat. As I headed home all I could think was, "hmmm... it's finally beginning to FEEL like the holidays."

This coming Sunday will be the last Sunday I have with my Primary 6s. You hear correctly if you sense a tinge of sadness. Well, I've prepared stuff to say a proper goodbye to them. And if I have time, I'll share it here after I give it to them.

So next week I'll be going back to reservist for just two days. It's nothing much, really. Just some briefings and IPPT and cohesion. But to be perfectly honest, when I first received notice that I had to go back (well, it was unofficial notice, only 3 weeks before, when it should have been 3 months), the first feelings I had were feelings of fear and dread. Of course it did not help that it was 2a.m. on the morning of 5 December and I was to run the Stanchart Marathon at 5a.m.

But over these past few weeks I've been reflecting on how God has always brought me through. All the fears I have in every situation are truly irrational because I forget to put the fullness of God's sovereignty into the picture. And so yes, I shall go back in prayer and with the right attitude.

If you're wondering, the NS Book Project is still very much alive. It is alive... and crawling. Crawling cuz as always it's been a bit slow. But we are still working on it, by God's grace and on a prayer. Though it's been a long wait and still is, I think the process and the lessons learned through it are worth it.

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