Thursday, September 02, 2010

A swim

Went for an excellent swim this morning.

And did most of my morning prayer in the pool. Really enjoyed myself.

And then, strolled over to a coffeeshop for lunch. Then strolled home, strolled to bus stop. Went for project meeting. Then played Monopoly Deal in school. First time. Haha. Took me a while to start eh.

Came home. Studied for a while. Then prayed. Then now I'm home listening to some Christian music. Yeah, I know that I need to get my rhythm right. Joel and Caleb have been telling me that a thousand times. And hopefully I'll learn to properly transpose chords soon.

An enjoyable day.

Was just thinking that since I'm often erring on the side of over-studying, it's good to take some time off to rest.

Imagine going to heaven and standing before God. And then you realise, that you've missed out on what truly matters in the days of your life. Imagine having chased money, a stable job and career success instead of God, relationships... etc.

Yup, just my thought of the day.

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