Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Second Week of School

Alright! I'm into the second week of school. It's been a continuous rush of various activities so far. Going for lessons and studying with friends. So far the project work hasn't really started to come in. It's good that I've been able to make time to stay in shape. Heh, I can get fat quite easily.

I guess one of the things I'm learning again this season is patience in waiting on God and trusting Him for His plans and purposes. I guess it's also meekness and gentleness.

Love my Primary Six class. Lately, we decided to set aside time during each lesson just to rest and play. Thought that it was what they really needed. I've got a very studious class this year.

Had a couple of good conversations with Crusade people today. And a topic that came out more than once was regarding the giftings of the Holy Spirit. I'm musing about how lethal it can be when we have both the Word of God and the anointing of God with us. But it often strikes me as strange how we can tend to one extreme and forget the other.

That's all for now. Kinda busy with all the Songfest stuff.

And here're some of the NS Book Project Posters in church!

Anyone else wanna contribute?

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