Saturday, July 03, 2010


School is going to start again soon. A fact driven home by the reality of bidding for modules.

This was another week of lessons learnt at work and chilling out. Just came home today from yet another sleepover at Jeshua's place. Many thanks to Uncle Julian and Aunty Janet for opening up their house so often to a bunch of rowdy, hungry guys. Then went for lunch with Enos CR Koh.

This week I continued to work on the devotionals for Crusade camp. The more I work on it, the more humbled I become. I'm truly thankful to people who've taken time off to help me to edit the devotionals. In an odd sense, I am most thankful for people who have not minced their words in editing. It has painfully good effects on the quality of my writing.

Spending time planning for Crusade Camp as well. I think that our last meeting was the best one I've had so far. Really took more time to pray and wait on God.

NS Book Project is still going on. Just waiting on God and reminding people. Very humbled by people who have already sent in their contributions. Lately, I'm very thankful for Ming En and Aaron Tay, because they're the only two people on my list who "self-remind". They don't need me to send them SMSes asking for their accounts. They send me SMSes to tell me they're working on it. I'm extremely grateful for that, really.

One thing people have been thinking lately is that we've already gotten more testimonies or accounts than we need. That is not the case. We are still quite sorely in need of more testimonies and accounts. So yes, please please contribute something.

Also will be needing much help when it comes to the editing stages. Jeshua's working on that.

Our next wave of adverts should be hitting the walls soon. Worked on the concepts together and Caleb came up with the final design. Subject to approval.

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