Friday, May 14, 2010

4th Week is over

And that's the view from my workplace, as I wait for the shuttle bus in the evening.

However, this is the more common view. Well, I have a desk too, though will need to vacate it when the perm staff comes back from vacation. Following which I guess I'll be relegated to a more obscure corner.

Today I felt so tempted to work overtime again, because OT pay is 1.5 times your basic. But I was just thinking to myself and telling God. That hey, it's already the end of the fourth week of the holidays. And I don't want to spend my whole holidays working so hard for money. I really do want to spend some time sitting down at the feet of God.

So I made myself leave work on time today. And honestly, for me, that was quite something.
Yes, I came home, managed to spend some time on QT and all. And thought about my focuses in this season of my life.

NS Book project (guess it'll be known as this till we have a more inspired name) is rolling along and yes, I am quite excited.

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