Sunday, April 25, 2010

Past Week

It's been an eventful past week. Went out a couple of times. Went out with my LTB mates. Went out for Jon Lim's sending off. Swam once. Ran a few times. Met up with some friends... and so on.

Was activated last minute to join my kor's AdRace team. It's in the novice category. Bout 30 klicks. With running, swimming, cycling, skating, archery, vertical marathon. Sounds siong hor... Actually it was rather relaxed due to a bottleneck at the swimming station.

Jia Hao, Sarah Wong, myself, Kor

And here's Joshua with us at the start line. He's giving the victory sign cuz he managed to chao keng... Nawww... kidding... he was really sick.

After vertical marathon.

Start work tomorrow. And really want to thank God for the job. I know it's all God's providence.

That's all for now.