Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Day

Had a happy Sunday.

Just simple stuff, really, hanging out in church with Jesh and Enos. Then after that going to witness baptism. Followed by a recce trip to the Botanical Gardens. Haha. Jesh and I went by bus. We actually caught up with Joseph's car! The roads there are real confusing I guess. So Jesh and I were heading in the right general direction down the wrong bend. That's when we saw Tiew's car passing us by. So we thought we were down the right way. A couple of minutes later the same car drove out. Dead end. Haha.

So spent the late afternoon till evening walking through the Botanical Gardens with Jesh, Enos, Ivy, Charis, Tiew. Quite reminiscent of army times, all the greenery. Not studying or thinking bout stuff at the Gardens really got me relaxed, so I guess that was awesome. After that had dinner at Cathay. Aaron Lim joined us.

This week will be my study break. Next week will be my exam week. Guess will just have to do my best and the rest is not in my hands already.

This summer I still haven't found a job. Guess I'll also want to spend some time chilling, doing a couple of sleepovers, hammock nights. And also want to think and pray more bout the future. What to major in, look into what type of internships to pursue in the future, look at possible areas to go for foreign exchange... etc etc.

What is the proper work or study / life / ministry balance to strike?

And of course there'll be the NS Book Project, which I'm really looking forward to starting proper. Got lots of promises. But still waiting for a lot of the proper written drafts to come in.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. -Isaiah 26:3