Thursday, March 11, 2010

A short break


There's something in me that likes scenery. Something that enjoys the sun, the wind blowing in my face. I'm very thankful to God that yesterday was a relatively cool day. I went for one of those enjoyable runs again. It took me about an hour to run from home to church with my clothes in a bagpack. I truly truly enjoyed myself.
These past 24 hours have been a kind of break for me. A short one though. I cleared my Stats mid-terms last Fri. Tuesday night was Analytical Skills mid-terms. This sem's gonna come to an end very soon.
Tomorrow's gonna be a full day at school. And then Saturday to Wednesday are pretty much gonna be filled with VBC (Vacational Bible Camp). I'm looking forward to it. A large part of the reason being that I too have a lot to seek God for.

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