Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At the foot of Sinai

Exodus 33 speaks of particular point in the Israelite's journey. It's a point where the God actually threatened to let the Israelites go into the promised land themselves; His Presence would not go with them.

Moses in Exodus 33:12 to 33:23. He did not want to go up with anything short of the Presence of God. He would rather have camped at the foot of Sinai than go up without the Presence of the Lord.

That's one of the things I've been praying about a lot these days. That's one of the reasons why I've stopped taking up things, stopped signing up for most camps for now (even camps that I'd normally go to). I'm not too sure if I'm putting my efforts into exactly where God wants it to be. So I'm not planning to do much. Just planning to wait on God for now.

Was spending some time in school studying with one of my friends. And I was just telling him. If the things that God intended for me to do (the "good works" intended for us to do, as Ephesians 2:10 says) could be quantified and measured. Then how many percent of that have I fufilled in my first academic year in SMU?

Monday night I had a project group meeting from 7p.m. till 4:45 a.m. All through the night my friends were playing pop songs, ballads and all sorts of secular music, and also looking up music videos for our project. And what struck me time and time again was the debilitating effect of all that noise and emphasis on sex and violence. I guess that after all the time spent with God this year and the changes I've made to my persona life, I could really feel the difference with all this media blaring. It reminded me that one of the most key factors (yet hardest) to keeping oneself pure in thought is to be very careful what we allow to get into our minds.

I was also pondering one of the latest BSF lessons. It spoke of John 4 and the verses 13 and 14 spoke of the water that gives eternal life. That anyone who drinks of it will never thirst again. And I just thought of the truth in those statements. It's true that many of us try to use various ways and means to fill the emptiness in our lives. Many of us today can't quite survive without the music or TV being left on all the time. Is that really because we love music and love entertainment? Or is it really because we're trying to fill up a God-shaped gap in our lives?

What do we do when we feel tired or restless? Music? TV? Computer games? I don't know about you, but I've found that personally, it'll almost always make things worse.

I think the answer is often (not always) to wait on God in silence. When we're bothered. When we're angry. When we're frustrated or worried, angsty or lonely. To turn before God and learn to wait on Him in silence.

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