Sunday, February 07, 2010

Short Clipped Sentences

A thought. This picture I took on Rinjani just seems to remind me of one of the things God told me before I enlisted. The one bout battles coming into view.

I had a fairly good day at church.

Taught my class... thought it's a rather quiet class; unlike my LOUD Sec 1s. So was a lil uncomfortable teaching this class today... a lil weird. Hope they'll be less quiet in days to come. As in, the GOOD kind of noise. But love this class still.

The had a VBC meeting.

Then spent some time studying beside Caleb, Sabrina and Jaslyn Leong.

Then went home.

Then had dinner with dad and kor. Drove, but goodness, have to improve on parking skills. Those aren't too good man. So much for poles in driving centres.

And now on the com... Hopefully get off soon to spend some more time with God.

Have a TWC mid-term tomorrow. Lalala.

Jesh flying back today I think.

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