Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prep for BLaw Exams

Come Friday and Saturday, I'll have 45% worth (of my Business Law course grade) of presentations, written report to submit and mid-terms. Been working quite hard over the last few days. All through Chinese New Year I've been reading too.

Today I did my Stats homework. And was so glad that I kept my old JC notes. It took me quite some time.

I was feeling quite discouraged studying when I sat down to do my evening quiet time. But felt much, much better after that. Read through Matthew 11:28-30 again. Read Psalm 27, Phlippians 4:4-7... etc etc. And I just remember once again, that quite similar to Matthew 6, I shouldn't worry so much about my studies. It writes in Matthew 6 that we shouldn't worry about what we will wear or eat or drink. And that life is more important than clothes.

Similarly, in modern times, as students, we shouldn't worry about our studies, about our tests, exams, which school we'll go to, what career we are to pursue in the future. The words in the bible call out to us, "Is not life more important?"

Is not life more important than studying? Why should studying sap the joy out of life? Is joy based on our studies? Philippians 4:4 says to "Rejoice in the Lord always." and just in case the reader doesn't catch it, "I say it again. Rejoice."

I just want to say that I've got so much to thank God for. Family, friends. Everything. I've got to always remember my army days. The stuff God brought me through. What is student life, compared to all those days?

Still doing stuff for the NS book project these last few days. It's kinda like a bit of respite for me, to type that stuff...

Haven't gone running these last few days. Feels so weird. I've run about every single week since around November last year. Hmmm. Maybe, perhaps, tomorrow morning?

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