Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NS Book Project

Dear brothers,

We’re working on a NS book project. It’s going to be a compilation of our Church of Singapore (MP) NS testimonies. The purposes are threefold. Firstly, to thank God for bringing us through those dark and dreary days. Secondly, to encourage those who are about to enlist or are still serving the nation. Thirdly, it’s to give our sisters-in-Christ a better understanding of NS. (Yes, we know that the best of our lady friends are bored to death by our army talk…)

Attached are general guidelines and an example of a very short testimony. Longer testimonies are definitely welcome (and in fact, encouraged), but please keep them below 1000 words. You may submit as many testimonies as you wish.

Please send your testimonies or any enquiries to mynsdays@gmail.com .


Jeshua, Caleb and Tai Yong

General Guidelines

This will be the general overlay of the book:

1. Before BMT
2. BMT
3. Training Schools (e.g. Signals Institute/ SISPEC/ OCS)
4. Unit Life
6. Range/ Live-firings
7. Nearing ORDinary life
8. Closing Advice/ Words

Other possible areas to touch on: BGR, spiritual attacks, struggles... etc.

Due to the sensitive nature of military information, we will not be publishing certain details. They include but are not exclusive to:

1. Unit names
2. Names of military superiors
3. Weapon names
4. Code names of military exercises
5. Names of host countries for foreign exercises
6. Details of bilateral exercises

We reserve the right to edit or reject portions of the testimony that are inappropriate or un-publishable.

An Example

Unit Life

"Bullets 2 metres from me

There were numerous instances of God’s divine protection and providence. I was once alone in the 300m range with a soldier carrying a light machine gun. While in the midst of clearing his weapon, he misfired into the ground 2 metres in front of me, kicking up sand in my face. I was stunned for a moment. I thank God nothing happened to either of us. If the guy was careless enough to fire off a few rounds while clearing his weapon, I must have been very blessed that at least the weapon was pointing away from me."

Questions you might want to consider while writing your testimony:

• How did God bring you through NS?
• What were some of the high and low points of your NS life?
• How did you view God in these times? (e.g. Far from God / Lack of peace / Close to God).
• Did you grow stronger or weaker in your faith as a result of NS?
• Looking back (if you’ve ORDed), are you grateful to have finished NS and what do you thank God for changing in your life in NS?

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