Thursday, February 04, 2010

A lil tired

A lil tired these days. Perhaps drained from lots of the stuff that's been happening.

But remembering who God is in all that I go through.

School work's been kinda discouraging as of late. But in all this, have still to honour God first in everything. As such, waiting on the Lord for strength.

In all that I do, I always have to look back in history. I need to bring my mind back to the armskote, to the barracks, to the soil and to the jungle. I need to constantly remember days in the past, days harder than today that God has brought me through. Would I continue to trust in Him? Would I cease to worry (I'm rather concerned for studies these days), and just do my best, leaving everything into His hands?

I know I'm doing what I can for my studies. I know... but want to do even better than this, spend more hours on it. Yet sometimes so much wisdom is required. What to say "no" to and what to say "yes" to.

My comfort now is in God. It is in the fact that I know this semester, (as it is so far) is more honourable before God than the last. And my comfort is relying on God in my studies. Yet I must not repeat my mistakes in Sec. 3 and 4 when I took on too much.

Looking forward to teaching my Primary 6s this Sunday!

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