Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today was a fantastic, wonderful day. Just have so much to thank God for. Clara brought a friend to church today and he accepted Christ. Just want to thank God for that!

Also want to thank God for so many good talks with my bros and sis today in church. With Caleb, Jesh, Daniel Li, Clara, Zhang Wei mainly.

Wanna thank God also. That was praying for a young female teacher to help out in Primary 6 and today Jasmine Chao volunteered herself without me asking to help out with Primary 6. Just very encouraged that God's answered this prayer.

Yup, just was telling Jesh. God's brought me outa one valley lately. And now's kinda like a mountain. Yet, when is the next valley?

On other matters, very excited regarding the NS testimony book too. But that one we just need so much to pray and seek and turn the thing over to the Lord before we start.

I am a happy man today. BIG SMILE.

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