Thursday, January 14, 2010

Been up to something nice lately.

"Hello, welcome again to Tai Yong's blog!! In the most breaking news, it seems that Angela and Caleb have finally begun to update their blogs after a long period of absence. Andrea's blog has yet to be updated and comments from her are expected. Jeshua has yet to start a blog. Lowell will most probably never start a blog (reverse psychology intended) and cough cough now has a blog too."

"Since everyone's so busy studying, let's take a little bit of a break. Amidst the spew of recent serious posts, here's one easier on the brain..."


Hee... Made the puppet for Creative Thinking Module class.

It's a muppet made from a sock. So I guess it should be known as a Socket. Haha.

This here's what I've done to the shirt from Cambodia Aaron Lim gave me. Put in a button, sewed up the slits 5 inches (cuz a little bit revealing haha), and my favourite part...

... which could be my first serious work of embroidery. Took quite a few hours. Heh, hope the amateurish stiching stays.

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