Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Full Circle

I just came back from a really blessed SUPA (Scripture Union Primary Age) Camp. It was last Thursday to yesterday. It was an odd camp, in the sense that I started out really tired. My last exam was on Thursday morning and I guess I was in some ways mentally tired. Almost felt as if I should not go for SUPA camp.

But then I’ll have to remember the significance of how I got myself into this camp anyway. It had originally been a struggle, cuz I had bid for a Stats module, which had an exam after SUPA camp. So what I actually told God as I bid was that if He wanted me to go for the camp, He had to a)Give me the desire to go, b)Make my Stats bid unsuccessful.

And I think God obliged. I didn’t get Stats. But I got a good camp. Which I consider to be a rather good trade-off.

So it’s been a wonderful 5 days at camp. Made so many new friends. James Chia, Aunty Rebecca and Aunty Elizabeth were excellent to work with. Was really encouraged by James’ heart of service. Had wonderful kids in the camp too. Elliot, Eric, Gideon, Isaac, Jamie, Joshua, Melanie, Valerie. So good to spend time with them.

I think I’ve been renewed in service to God through this camp. And I hope that I’ve been an encouragement to others.

This post’s called Full Circle because exactly one year ago, on November 30, was the start of last year’s Children’s Camp. That was an evening that I really enjoyed God’s presence and heard His voice after a long period of silence. For this camp, it was the early morning of November 30 (about 1 to 2 a.m.) that was the part of the camp that I felt God’s presence to be the strongest. I was just thinking. Hey, it's November 30 again!

I actually came before God with much stuff. So right now I’m all yielded to God, just waiting on Him. Very often we are so anxious to get things done for God. But we have to learn to slow down and trust in the Master’s timing. And that must have been one of the greatest lessons for me in this camp.

Two interesting things to reflect upon:

1) I asked God to give me determination to wake up early on Friday morning at about 0600 for my own morning QT. I went back straight to sleep after my alarm rang. But a mosquito flew straight into my face and made me sit up quite quickly. Interestingly, I didn’t get any mosquito bites that night. So I figure that the mosquito (or whatever insect that was) was sent to wake me up. I had a good QT that morning.

2) In the middle of the second day of camp. I thought to myself, “When things get tiring in a camp such as this, and you feel like spending less time with the kids and going to one hidden corner to snooze, well, there is something to remember. Remember that perhaps four to five days later, you’ll probably be missing the camp and the children and the fellow teachers. So better make the most of it while it lasts.”

I still feel a little physically tired from the camp. Yeah, one more thing to thank God for was no rain in the early mornings when I went out to run. The running was really quite necessary to make me feel fresh for each day.

Was actually wondering whether I should attend one more camp this hols.

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