Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A restful day

Had a rather restful day. Went for a morning run, did some static. Spent the rest of the morning learning to play some songs on the guitar. Found this guy called Daniel Choo who puts up rather good videos on Youtube. His instructionals are very clear. So yup, have picked up the guitar again, after a long period of disinterest.

Was quite glad today cuz I thought I spent it pretty well. Like, I managed to rest- and it was fruitful. And that's a major achievement for me.

Yesterday was the Grand Sharing for BSF. Encouraging. Nice food after that too. Glad I went. We were seated in the alphabetical order of our leaders' names. Our leader's name began with a Y. So we were at the back. Quite fun joking with the guys.

Travel time is something I've grown to enjoy. I've been reading God's word and praying on the train or bus. Sometimes I feel those times are better than QT in a room. So that's good.

Was reading 1 Samuel today, and considered what it meant to be "given over to the Lord" as Samuel was given over by Hannah. Also considered what it meant to grow in stature with God and men.

Wondering what my purpose would be in Children's Ministry in these days to come. Sometimes in ministry it is possible to get caught up with routine and forget to seek God in it. Also wondering what role I am to have in Campus Ministry. I'm feeling rather cautious. Since I know I am called to serve in the Children's Ministry, and God has blessed that so much, I wonder how much I should venture into Campus Ministry. Is it God's will? Will He bless it? Which part of the ministry? What exactly do I do?

Faith is what? Trying things out? Waiting on God before moving out? How much should a person wait on God before doing such things. I would think a long time. But looking at certain occassions in the bible, e.g. Jonathan and his armour-bearer attacking the Philistine outpost, it would seem that action comes even before spending so much time seeking God.

Much wisdom required.

Looking forward to camps at the end of the year once again. Really looking forward to time spent on waiting on God. There's just so much to seek God for. In repentance and rest is my salvation, in quietness and trust is my strength. I'm increasingly growing to realise how much about me still needs to be changed. At times I wonder whether or when God will bring me through the next valley. Army was one. When is the next? Every journey through a valley brings strength and training. Even then, I've got to be cautious every single step I take.

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