Sunday, November 08, 2009

I went down for my men's ORD... and some other thoughts

(Image edited because 1 X Guards Officer complained)

I went down for my men's ORD parade on Friday.

It was a rather joyful experience to see all my men again. I'm really glad I went. Guess the men were happy to see me too... after all the tough training I gave them. But then I do think it bonded them together. They still joke about all the stuff I did to them. All the times I was Duty Sergeant. And also the memorable night. Talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk... Realised that even more of my men made it into the DB. Oh well. But overall had a wide smile on my face as I talked to all of them. Quite happy to be there.

Had supper with fellow specs after that. It was enjoyable. But I was kinda disturbed at the topics discussed. Guess I've spent lots of time with Crusaders, so not really used to all this coarse talk. All this treatment of girls as objects and relationships as trophies. Also listening to them talk about NTU and NUS. And how they hate the Mainland Chinese people. Hmmm... felt really sad as I listened to all that. Good to know what's happening out of SMU. But still didn't have much to say. Then wondered to myself if I couldn't sit through all this and still reach out to them... well, how to be the salt and light of this earth?

This weekend had its highs and lows for me. It reminded me that it is not necessarily in bad times alone that I can feel unhappy. The reason for a lack of joy is not the surrounding situation, but the measure of God's joy. And that is determined by how much time I spend waiting on the Lord. How eager I am to hear from God. So this has really got me thinking.

I remembered again this weekend that my relationship with God is the most important thing in my life. That every single other thing hinges on this one relationship. If I am not right with God, nothing else can possibly be very right. In National Service (I just walked through my company line, went to the mess and all- and truly praised God for every single thing He brought me through. The early morning COS duties, the route marches, the men, the early morning runs...), God took away almost everything. Showed me to rely on Him and Him alone. Now that I have so many friends, am in such a comfortable environment, am happily studying in university. Well, do I go ahead now and forget that it all begins and ends with the God in my life?

Spent quite a bit of time with church mates today. Caleb, Tiew and Andrea in the Mini Creche studying. Happy studying. Right now thinking that I've got to learn to pace myself in studying. How do I find the right pace?

But truly, gotta get everything right with God. Gotta focus on that. Then see the rest fall into place.

Got a copy of last year's camp video. Yay.

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