Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I was just thinking. Y'know, it's that time of the year again... It's been 4 years since something NICE was done...

Ah, what sweet memories.

Today's paper was a lil tough, but it's alright.

Today, someone asked me a few questions. Firstly, asked me what I do in my spare time. Secondly, asked me some questions bout what God has been doing in my life. These are questions that people have been asking me very much in SMU. For the second type of question it's prob because I've been hanging out a lot with Crusade/ Crusade-related people.

The thing is, I often find it hard to answer these type of questions. What do I do in my spare time? I blog at times, I run, I work out a bit, I'm playing the guitar a bit more these days, I spend time reading God's word and trying to meditate. At times I read books. Much Christian literature at the start of the year. I pore over the newspaper. Been watching Yes Minister with my kor lately. At times (and I do really quite regret it each time I do), perhaps on average once in two months, I download a com game and spend some time playing. I spend time with kids in CM (I realised I need to find a sustainable way to call them/ contact them amidst a busy week). I have the occasional sleepover or guys hammock night.

But how do I tell a typical SMU student that? It seems so strange. I don't listen to secular music. I don't even listen to much Christian music these days. I don't watch soccer, I'm not really a fan of technology or gadgets. I don't play the latest computer games. I don't watch seasons of the latest TV shows. I hardly ever watch movies in the cinema. (I simply read the synopsis most of the time). I don't club, I don't have a glitzy CCA.

So normally I'd be like, "well... nothing much...". I can't really describe it in their terms. I don't want to really try.

I've been considering. It's very interesting that a very happy day for me sounds something like some of the days in army. ie Wake up at 0700, go for a 5-10 kilometre morning run. Return home to do static. Bathe. Read bible. Do some studying/ settle school stuff. 1230 Go for lunch. 1330 Return home. Eat fruits, read newspapers perhaps. 1430 Start studying again. 1830 Dinner. 1930 Attempt another QT maybe / play guitar / study. 2330 or so, sleep. And typically, I'd consider that to be a fruitful, productive, day. Very enjoyable and fulfilling.

So I do believe that it's quite different from most people.

Now the other question. A typical response I would give is that God does different things at different points in my life. It is at the moment just not me to go on and be so enthusiastic about what God is currently doing in my life. I mean, at good times in my walk with God, I don't quite find it natural to be going, "praise God! Hallelujah! God has done.... etc etc".

I learn things from spending time with God, check. I am very blessed by the time I'm spending with the kids, check. When God does speak to me on certain matters, or I gain insight, very often, I only tell certain people. Or, I put the non-confidential stuff on this blog.

Or perhaps it is because I find it a lil bit weird that people ask, "So, what's the latest thing that God has spoken to you?" Perhaps it cannot be explained to certain people. Perhaps it is in confidence. Perhaps I find it a not-too-be-enthused thing when God speaks or I learn something in my walk? Because, perhaps, I think a relationship with God to be quite normal.

Or perhaps, I should really prepare some things in mind to say. Cuz really, it strikes me as weird that even when I am having an awesome walk with God, I don't have much to say to certain people who ask. It is one of those things that make me ask God Himself, "eh, why ah God?"

I'm actually wondering whether it's certain things in army which made me see God in different ways. That I know He controls the tiny details in my life, and He provides... but I just can't seem to behave so enthusiastically and wildly about it. Hmmm.

I do suppose this post sounds a little intangible and abstract. Heh what to do?

Catch phrases of the day from Yes Minister

"So, are you a high-flier? Or a low-flier lifted up by occasional gusts of wind?"

"Always follow your conscience, but know where you're going. And quite often you'll find that it's not going where you're going, so you can't follow your conscience, actually." -(I'm wondering about this in relations to 1 Corinthians 4:4 actually. That it is not the conscience which makes guilty or acquits a man.)

"You call me a cynic? That's what an idealist calls a realist!"

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