Friday, October 16, 2009

I Ran

East Coast Park 2008- Training for Army Half Marathon
I ran
Upon the concrete pavement
The bitumen surface
And the dirt track

Freshmen Teambuilding Camp- Raft building. Using pipes and drums. It was the first to be completed- and it remained rock solid throughout!
Over the grassy patch
And watched as the sun delightfully set

Frisbee just last Saturday- The frisbee team (Adele and Daniel were from other teams. We're missing Brian and Rachel in this shot)
Just as each day brings its musings
And each period its thoughts
So I look behind me
And give thanks for the distance thus far run.

Teachers' Day lunch. Remember the lemongrass drink gentlemen?
A service served
A period well spent rested
The return to studying

TREK program. It's a children's program with Scripture Union. That's me doing actions on stage.
Of friendships lost and found
Solitude and the crowd
Contemplation, as always

LTB execution. Note the media crew. Heard we're still running on Channel News Asia's 6:30p.m. news.
Of many lessons learnt


To learn to work towards the Lord’s expectations, not my own

After Leader Presentation for LTB: Setting Mr Welch free at the library! We let the balloons float past the library so that those in the library could get a good glimpse of Mr Welch, of General Electric fame.

Out of the hand of God, humongous full-stop

NPCC. Back facing camera is Mr. Wu, my Teacher-officer from back then. Respect the guy still.

Play harder than I teach
For then they will learn better

Need explanation?

Worship before works
Love before righting wrongs

Stewardship Sunday. God brought us through. Still don't quite like it that it was like called "Tai Yong and his team" all the time. We worked as equal members of the team. I didn't do a really good job many times through this project. I thought Sheila and Ivy did very well though.

They teach many important lessons

Caleb Lim and I: Passing-out-parade for Basic Military Training. The start of one very long lesson for both of us, in our own very different vocations and fields.

The presence of the Lord gives rest

Our band-of-brothers shot after frisbee. Still remember the movie. I watched mine in NS, in the bunks, past 12a.m. with my fellow specs, over a period of 2 to 3 months. It was awesome. I still treasure the memories of watching that with Rahman, Chris, Alex...

Expect God to be God
Expect man to be man
Don’t expect God to fail me; He never does
Expect the most trusted I have amongst man to fail me occasionally; they sometimes do
So do I

Freshmen teambuilding camp group at Convocation
School and studying

View it all in the long-term
After all:
Looking back at my primary, secondary and junior college days,
What really matters to me now?
I would be wise to focus on those things
Study hard for God, yes
But that’s where it just begins

NPCC: 2003-2004 batch of NCOs. The last muster parade. When you go through 4 years of studying, physical training, drills, punishments, conflicts, successes, you do not easily forget. This experience forged friendships for me stronger than in army. I can easily tell whenever I meet any of these old friends.

Serve as I wait
Worship as I wait
Not to awaken before the time is right
Not to trust the eyes
But to trust the One who searches the heart

Butterfly atop Gunung Tapis, if I'm not wrong. Picture taken by one of the ODACians in 2005 (yup 05 if I remember correctly)
Counselling people

Speak carefully
Only with words of God
Be silent often
Listen with the heart
Don’t think that you are the one ministering
If anything, it is the Holy Spirit, through you

This girl was saying something really deep during TREK program. Something like "As deers shed their antlers so we must shed our sinful nature"

A fool is quick to show his annoyance
But a prudent man overlooks an insult
(Proverbs 12:16)

Happy trekking with wet, swollen feet. Back then, in the days before army, I thought that that backpack, a mere wimpy 15 kg, was heavy. Later on it became a joy and a holiday to carry 15 kg of weight.
Now all has been heard;
Here is the conclusion of the matter;
Fear God and keep His commandments,
For this is the whole duty of man.
For God will bring every deed into judgement,
Including every hidden thing,
Whether it is good or evil
-Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

The things they make you do at Bondue camp (that's SMU business school camp for you). Tsk tsk.

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