Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today was good. Hanging out with many people.

My ending thought for today just before I hit the bed?

"Lord! I've got so much to do! Luke 12:48 (If I rmb correctly) says that unto whomsoever much is given of him shall be much required and unto who men have entrusted much of him they will ask the more. Help me leh, Lord. There is just so much to do. And I simply don't see how everything can be done. Give me the wisdom and strength I need. May your will in my life right now be fulfilled."

Just so many many things that seem to need to be done. LTB, various projects, Stewardship Sunday, (My auto-censor kicks in at this point....)

He who has brought me through times much much tougher than this. He will bring me through all that I am going through right now. That is where I have my guarantee, my assurance. And I know I am secure. Do I see my problems as a giant before me?

Or a dwarf before my God?

I guess that depends whether in my perspective I decide to put God into the picture at all.

My security is on the Rock. That is where it all starts, that is where it all ends.

ZZZ time.

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