Sunday, September 06, 2009


Sometimes there is only so much I can do.

To rest and to trust.

It was not the great, strong, armoured champion who put a nation to flight. But it was the weak, little, despised shepherd boy. It was not a mighty weapon of war which crashed through the giant's temple. It was a pebble. It was not an Israelite sword that took off the giant's head. It was the giant's own sword.

Perhaps the balance lies in this: To glorify God with our talents and yet not depend on the talents, but God. To do our best for God, yet not rely on our best, but God's best. To be concerned about all under our charge as a steward should well be, but not to be anxious.

To be the exalted sherpherd boy. And yet not fall to sin.

To labour for His glory and yet not place any hope in the labour, but all hope in the Glory.

There is only so much I can do.

A public blog means I can speak to more people... but that I can say less.

As a pleasant footnote. I had a most excellent lunch at Joshua Ho's birthday party. I had a wonderful time talking with Caleb. I had a most enjoyable dinner with dad. I am full and happy.

But not quite contented with the state of things.

Would that qualify as a hunger? A yearning for more?

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