Friday, September 18, 2009

Moses and the Glory of the Lord

Well, at least that's what the NIV header says.

Exodus 33: 12 onwards.

Moses said "...You have been telling me... If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favour with you... The Lord replied, "My Presence will go with you, and I will give your rest."...

Then Moses said to Him, "If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here. How ill anyone know that you are pleased with me and with your people unless you go with us? What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?""

A couple of things have happened lately that have caused me to ask God for a few things.

Firstly, what on earth is my purpose here in SMU? If it is not what I think it to be, then perhaps I might be wasting time doing what I do the way I do it? I don't like to waste time. I've got only a hundred years (IF I do make it to that grand old age) or so on this earth, I've got to give an account to God, and goodness, I don't want to waste any time.

(Then again perhaps I should not be impatient).

But seriously, I've been wanting to know God's purpose for me here. I guess I never fully knew His purposes for me in NS until I was out of it? And even now I still might not fully know what God was doing back then.

So perhaps I may not know. But at least I should know enough or be given enough wisdom. That as far as it is my responsibility to act, I will do so in a way that is fully in line with God's purposes for me.

Secondly, I've been asking for God's blessing. I seriously don't see the point in working hard and doing my best to produce excellent work and presentations if it is not going to get the blessing of God. That was why Moses (yes, I know I am no where near the stature of that man) sought God's presence to go up with the Israelites. This was after God had said He'd only send an angel up before the Israelites into the promised land but would not go in with them, because they were stiff-necked and He might destroy them anytime.

What I tentatively gather is that Moses did not want to settle for anything less than the full blessing of God.

I don't want to either.

Jacob. Many arguments as to why he was seen as righteous. He was a deceiver... etc etc etc. But then again, He sought the blessing of God. He did so by deceit/ getting Esau to forsake his birthright... etc etc. Esau despised his birthright. But in actual fact (okay, this is how I see it, at least), he was despising God's blessing. If he didn't already know (that would have meant he was extremely ignorant a lad), his grandpa had promises from God. And so did his dad. And Esau must not have been thinking much about that. He must not have thought very highly about the blessing of God. So while he went about his daily business hunting, he actually lost the blessing to Jacob.

Jacob sought God's blessing. I seek God's blessing too. I have recognised in the 2 decades and 1 year of my existence that victory does not come when I do my best or by my own talent or ability. It does not come by coincidence. It comes from the hand of God. Whether I do well or badly in school. In studies, in presentations, in relationships with friends. It is not going to come from anything but the hand of God. By obeying God's laws and with His blessing, success will come (think Joshua 1). If God does not bless, I do not see how I can succeed.

So yes, wisdom needed. Wisdom asked for. James 1 speaks of that.

Now I wait.


On a lighter note, I had a rather good day presenting in class today, I had a good LTB meeting. I had an enjoyable time at DG with Galvin, Jia Hao, Joel. Really enjoyed their companion-ship. Went Jump. Had dinner. Murtabak. Burp. Good stuff.

Ran only once this week. Yikes. I see atrophy and the production of adipose tissue already. And it's the mooncake festival period some more. Haven't been eating healthily this week (but at least I've been eating enough.)

Tomorrow have a Man Comms meeting. Have a FA class in the afternoon as well. 5 day work week? Ah. What to say?

Hope all my old friends are still okay. Glenn, Pam, Gab Lee, Gab Low, Mei Yan, Kwan Chin. Hardly see you guys around. Some of you I haven't seen for more than a year. Hope things are going fine. If you happen to be reading, how're you?

Yeah, Sarah Tan, Chris, Chloe. Appreciate the prayers and the help rendered. Michael all the best for VPH.

Jesh, Caleb, Jeshua, Lowell, Jeshua Chong, take care and hope to see you all SOON. Haven't been 3 out of 5 of you guys lately. Hope it's not a 2nd special forces assignment. (But seriously, am praying and would like to meet up soon)

12c Out.

Dear Daniel Li. Lalala.

The closing of the 27th Psalm.

Wait for the Lord
Be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.

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