Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A flashback and the now

Just wanted to thank God for the many wonderful moments He's put into my life. Here's a shot of one. Jesh and I on the beach. Well, actually it's just Jesh's butt on the beach. I'm still suspended mid-air, actually. Caleb's taking the picture.

Today I woke up. And I had the usual debate with myself whether or not to go for a run. And usually I conclude that I have to go for a run. And as usual after I am done I am very happy that I decided to. Running is rather enjoyable to me. Of course your body feels some pain when you run, but that is good pain. After a run and a work out. You bathe with cold water. Clean clothes. Ahhhh... That's life man.
I spent some time with God this morning. About an hour. Was very glad to do so. In perspective, all issues are dwarved by the power of God.
Tomorrow is a long day.
In the daily rushing around and completion of tasks. I need to consistently set time aside for God. I'm not referring to QT. That is already a given. I'm speaking of special time set aside for God, just to slow down and listen to Him. Isaiah 40:31 in KJV says that those who wait on God will mount up on wings as eagles. How do I do so? May the one who controls time teach me how to use it well.
So a question I must continually ask myself is this. Dare I to take time that could be spent doing productive studying/ other work and just sit down at the feet of my Lord Jesus? ("Dare" because I've got to trust God to provide) I've been noticing the words of the 127th Psalm lately.
Verse 3 "In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat- for He grants sleep to those He loves"

I've been pushing myself over the last couple of weeks to get stuff done. Rising early, sleeping late.
Dare I to trust God to provide.
Basically been trying to do my best. But perhaps I've overdone it a lil bit. I've been praying for wisdom to manage my time, academic intelligence amongst a slew of requests. God has been faithful, as He always is. I think I need to be careful in resting. Before God teaches me to rest with means I would not prefer.
Where is the line between working hard and trusting God drawn? A possible answer: When our walk with God starts to get affected. When we are less peaceful. When we realise that the desire to honour God in all we do by pursuing excellence has morphed into a desire for excellence alone. When our tasks are so important that people seem less important. When we start to become snappy and feel easily irritated.
Then we know we have crossed the line.
And we had better head back where we came from.
Fire movement to the rear. *Winks at Daniel Li.

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