Friday, September 04, 2009

3rd week of school's almost over

I sit down and reflect on this past week. I conclude that the most urgent task at hand would be to go to bed before 11p.m. tonight, sleep till 6 plus a.m., and spend some time with God tomorrow morning. Adjusting to school life. I need to remember my purpose is to honour God in all I do. And that rightly entails adequate rest.

I had a good week. Tuesday night I stayed up till 0250 HRS. Thursday night till 0130 HRS. Was doing some presentation slides and on Tues and Thurs was to catch up on newspapers I've been missing. I wonder if I push myself too hard in this. Perhaps, perhaps...

In our drive to honour the Lord, do we depend to much upon our own strength? The risk is there. I suppose that could be the challenge for me in this season. It is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves (1 Samuel 16:47-I think), but the battle belongs to the Lord.

That was a thought that ran through my mind today as we were playing soccer for Sports Fiesta. My team got 2nd. Rather noteworthy, considering that we never had the time to come together for practice. So our first match simply fell a part. I thank God that we started to learn our team dynamics by the 2nd match. I enjoyed the fellowship of Mervyn, Daniel, Talia, William and Ray immensely.

How does the Lord save? Not by our strength. King David, besides being a Psalmist, musician and a king with one major stain on his career. I was pondering the warrior king part of the equation. King David. A mighty warrior. But his victories all came from God.

Had fun today with Crusade people. Had dinner with them too.

I could keep on writing. But I am aware that a tired state of mind is never the best state of mind for a post. Too much emotion. Too much expression of ideas best kept to myself and myself alone. It is of particular concern to me that more and more people are visiting this blog. Luke 18 (I think) says that of him who has been given much, much will be demanded. To him who has been entrusted much,of him men will ask the more.

And so I have to take care of my body and zzzz. Sometimes it is not so much us asking God for strength, the way I see it. We have been given an equal number of hours and are endowed with (more-often-than-not) sufficient wisdom and discretion. To cut out the less important matters, focus on what God truly wants of us. All I am I hold in stewardship to the Almighty. I would do well to remember to lead a focused life and rest whenever I should rest.

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