Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of School and Jonathans

Hey all.

Haven't been updating due to school and all.

Was a rather productive past 3 days I guess. Of seminars (that's what they call it here in SMU- no lectures or tutorials. Something in between.), time spent with Crusade friends, studying, meeting up with some old pals here and there.

Am just praying that as I carry on, I do not lose my focus on God. This concerns me deeply. Was just reflecting today, as I was in the MRT going home- whether I was really focused on God throughout the day. And didn't quite think so... When I'm focused on God there is peace. I'm not fazed by obstacles... etc. I see things in perspective. Today in my lessons I kinda saw things from very human viewpoints... need to see things from God's viewpoints. And I really do need to focus on God, keep my eyes on Him.

Today in particular was a packed day. In the morn I had LTB with Chloe.

Lunch went down to Sunshine Plaza for Wanton Mee with Michael, Sarah, Christabel, Chloe.

Went Croom to study a bit.

Management Comms with Christabel.

Dinner with Michael, Christabel.

And met up with my old pal Gabriel Low from BSLC days at Plaza Sing. So he kinda dined together with us. But really, most of it was just Gabriel and I on one side and Chris and Michael on the other.

Then went Starbucks with Gabriel. It really was a great joy to talk to this bro. Last time I saw him was when he came down to raid my unit.

I guess one of the things I remember him for was how he really spent time to talk to me in those BSLC days. One of the dry periods in my life. How he brought me over to his home one nights off and we had this really long talk in the ground floor void deck of his house. I still remember the night quite vividly. Heavy rain and all. Remember sitting on his bed in his house, looking at the raindrops, feeling the cool wind in my face. Basically thanking God and savouring the book-out moment. Looking at the rain wash the civilian buildings from up in a high-rise HDB, the neon and white lights of Singapore at night. The whole scenery streaked by falling raindrops. Yeah, that experience meant quite a lot to me, cuz those were trying times for both of us in army, and I guess our fellowship really strengthened each other.

Had this long talk with Jie Hau on Monday as well.

And Jia Hao many days back- that was last week.

Seems to me that God has been giving me many excellent moments with people who were Jonathans (as in Jonathan and David?) in my life at various moments.

Of course then I have the other group of Jonathans who've been around me quite a bit these last few months. Caleb, Jesh, Lowell, Daniel Li, James etc etc. Bros, I really thank God for these months of enjoyment. Of laughter and fun. Of hammock nights and stayovers and cooking late into the night. Of Wayne and Dex and Jesh coming over for movie marathons and the like. Oh man, God has been good to me. I think that the break between NS and Uni life was really a most wonderful period of growth. Invaluable.

Sleeping soon- don't wanna push myself too hard. But am looking forward to tomorrow.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep His commandments,
for this is the whole duty of man
For God will bring every deed into judgement,
including every hidden thing,
whether it is good or evil

.... things are going well. And from experience, storms will approach. The sea can never be calm for too long. God gave Asa peace till the 35th year. And then there was a royal mess (sic) up in 2 Chronicles 16. That even as God gives me peace and rest for now, may I be very careful to honour Him. May I be prepared spiritually, mentally, to face the next major hurdle, the next faith test. It shall come. The day a Christian stops getting these challenges is the day He enters into glory (which is Uncle David from SU's very apt and polished euphemism).

Okay okay, must force myself to sleep. Right... after I check a few things and view my Facebook.

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