Saturday, August 01, 2009

Finished my last camp

Hmm. There's still a problem with my blogger. Can't upload pictures. Or is it just my new laptop?

Anyway I just finished Bondue camp. I was in what I thought was a really wonderful group. I enjoyed myself with my team mates. Thought I had really swell facis too! We did have quite a bit of fun together. I look forward to studying with people such as these.

For the camp activities suffice it to say that they were mostly bearable though some were rather wrong. The last night's stage program in particular was terrible and quite vulgar. I do think it is an influential minority in student society; the majority of the student population is not like that. Just that perhaps there's pressure to be in the in-crowd? That's what I feel.

All in, camp met it's objectives for me. Thought it was relatively well organised except for bathing time. And besides the vulgar/lewd stuff, it was mostly an enjoyable camp. Had quite good QTs in the mornings cuz people slept till quite late.

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