Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few thoughts

Monday afternoon I had a really good run. I haven't enjoyed such a run for some time. It wasn't very long, only bout 40 minutes plus. And I wasn't very fast, covered roughly 8 klick or so, but I was refreshed. Ran to the back of IMH, where I noticed there were quite a few huts with zinc roofs... some were part of the village... the others I wondered whether they were legal or not. Ran past the MRT depot at Seng Kang (that's my favourite part of the run- rather nice place), then down Buangkok park connector, Serangoon park connector, past Hougang Mall, Hougang swimming complex.

Man, I feel like running again... The last time I had such a nice run was the first time I made it to East Coast from home.

This week will be working. Doing babysitting relief. Looking at the boys... boys shall be boys... albeit a few notches more vulgar and mischievous than I recalled. Am glad I finished my assignment for History though. Enjoyable and enriching, but lots of work.

On Tuesday afternoon I went out for Afterglow with crusade people. Was having a quite a bit on my mind, but started to relax more. Enjoyed the company of these bros and sisters very much. Had dinner with them. Was grateful to God for the chance to catch up with Jia Hao, from army days. Besides all the jokes and old quips it really reminded me of a phase in my life where God was moulding me. Painfully, yes, but effectively. I know I'm so different now from when I was in BSLC (Basic Section Leaders' Course). In those days you gradutated with the double chevrons of a corporal after BSLC. Now they just have the SCT (Specialist Cadet Trainee) rank throughout.

Reminded me of one truth that God taught me in a most practical way in those days. That things can change. Friends I know may not always be friends, Christian or not. People I trust may not always remain trustworthy. And yet I must not hold it against them. The only one who will not disappoint and is worthy of absolute trust is my God.

After that, I went to BSF. Arrived for the group discussion time right on time. I had to run there from the MRT station though, so was sweating heavily when I arrived. Sat next to Caleb for lecture. Hmm. Possibly the last time since his lectures will be on Monday night in future. But oh well, Romans 8:28 eh. God works all things out for our good.

As I sat on the train back home I pondered a question. Why is it that I feel so comfortable around my friends in Crusade. I came to the tentative conclusion that perhaps it's because of this common focus on God. We are so comfortable talking about God. It's this unique, similar love and interest for things of our Lord that binds us together.

How strong is a connection set in eternity. Then again, even though I have this connection with so many other Christians, I don't always feel as close cuz it is against the social norm to discuss godly issues within those social circles. In fact, they are almost uncomfortable.

And oh well, then there are the other more human factors. Welcoming, nice people and all. Then again, I've been to numerous groups of welcoming, nice people, but never felt comfortable. So yes, I have come to a conclusion... for now.

Went home, slept.

C.S. Lewis said that Christianity is an education in itself. I suppose I am about to find out how much the sharpening of my mind with scriptural truths can benefit my forage for secular academic instruction.

It interests me that truly, over the years, how much I have excelled has been wholly dependent on the providence of God and His will for me in that moment, not on my own abilities.

And here are a couple of pictures from the Crusade Freshmen Orientation Camp.
Eating Prata in town.
Games on rooftop at Kum Yam Methodist Church
The objective of this game was to spike my hair and have the group throw rubber bands on them. We won overwhelmingly.

Most of the group.
School begins next week.
So how, Lord?

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