Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend and All

Thought I had a rather good weekend. Friday night I went for this SU fellowship thing. Kinda like to wrap up the holiday TREK program. Was not bad. Then had a sleepover with Caleb, Lowell, Jeshua. Spent the night surfing the internet and talking. I guess when you have good friends, you don't really need to plan so much into the activities.

Saturday went YPM. Was having dinner with Gideon, Jing Yang, Michelle, Jeremy, Cooper. And then some of them were like asking me why I still am in YPM. I thought that was a very good question. It's a question that I've been asking myself more and more over the years. Sometimes I come up with rather good answers. Sometimes I can't. It's a question I often ask myself in the 2 hours or so just before YPM. Something rather like, "why on earth am I even going to this place? Why not I just stay at home and like do something else?"

Well one of the reasons would be fellowship. That I still have quite a few people I want to spend time with in YPM. I quote Hebrews 10:25. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another - and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Another reason why I still haven't moved church is that I know that God has a purpose for me in the Childrens' Ministry here. To become a fulltime member of a youth ministry in another church... I'm not saying it's wrong- I don't think it is, I think that would be incongruent with God's purpose for me right now in this season. I think Saturdays are a good time to spend with youth from CM and also the other youth. I don't completely rule out that possibility of changing a church, but it's just that I'm really afraid of doing things apart from the blessing of God. So not anytime soon, the way I see it. But oh well, I don't know how long this can last, Lord.

Moving on to Sunday. I think I really enjoyed the Praise and Worship for CM. And lesson time was quite interesting. We had a rather good sermon for 1st service too.
Watched Transformers 2 with Jesh, Tiew, Sabrina, Jaslyn and Aaron Lim. I thought it was not too bad for a movie in terms of action and graphics. But it was quite a let-down especially for me and Jesh. Since we've been following the Transformers from the time we were in kindergarten. They kinda confused the entire storyline. The Fallen looked kinda ridiculous, for one. And then there were all these nameless Decepticons all over the place. And Jazz shouldn't have even died in the first Transformers. And then there was this utterly weird "Autobot heaven" concept where all the ancestors of Optimus were in. And the constructicons merging was not exactly accurate.
Yes. And the "master" and "apprentice" thing between Megatron and the Fallen. Yikes.
Worst one must have been the inclusion of this Terminator concept in Transformers. This decepticon which could transform into a female human. Yucks. Totally off. Oh yes, teleportation was something unheard off in Transformers as well.
Anyway, I thought that there was an over emphasis on innuendos throughout the film. From the start you have the 2 dogs. And then as it progressed... Even had to show the 2 wrecking balls of the constructicons as yeah. And I thought that there was this intentional over-emphasis on Megan Fox. I didn't quite appreciate that.

Okay, now am in school in between periods. My tenure here should end by this Wednesday. But for sure there'll definitely be more calling me back in the near future (in terms of weeks) since the absentee rate is quite high these days with the H1N1 and everyone so cautious. Thing is I wonder whether I should just stop after Wednesday?

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