Saturday, July 25, 2009

Going ons

Alright. I have just about enough time for a quick update before I go and zzz.

Last week I was at FTB (Freshmen Team Building) camp from Monday to Wednesday. I thought that it was rather enjoyable and I really do thank God for a team who's company I enjoyed. I liked it that we were rather genuine and we did not have this ra-ra camp thing which you see so prevalent in so many camps today. In other words described as a "high" in our youth lingo.

Thursday I went down to SMU to collect my laptop, which I'm using right now. It's my first laptop... wahhh. Well, I asked for it to be configured to Vista OS on the advice of my dear dad. And so I spent about 2 hours wandering the concourse and its shops and reading the same book by Oral Roberts (I'm nearing the end, yipee). And also reading the bible.

Friday night we had a pre-camp dinner for BONDUE. Which is a business school camp. They say that there's a lot of drinking and all. And I really covet all prayers for strength in that camp. The way I see it right now, it'll definitely be much easier to start of without drinking at all. And I think I prob will not drink throughout the camp. Hopefully can do it in a non-offensive way.

Okay, today was YPM. Pam came down and taught. And we all had a rather enjoyable time, I must say.

Come Monday, I've got a crusade camp. Something that I'm quite looking forward to.

In terms of prayer and the word, I had some enjoyable times in the FTB camp mornings doing my QT. In a sense you could even say I came back feeling quite refreshed due to some excellent moments of QT in those mornings.

I truly hope that I'll have more than a few reliable and close Christian friends in this school. It seems simple. But I guess many experiences have taught me that such friends are not easily found and when they are, clearly God-given. Then again, in the end, it is God and God alone who is truly necessary.

Looking forward to seeing my kids at CM tomorrow again.

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