Thursday, June 11, 2009

A sleepover that became a movie marathon... and some other ramblings.

Well, have been kinda missing this camp with Grace AOG. Miss the people and all. But oh well. These were the pictures that I was taking for a video on finale night before me and Daniel both realised that there was a much more professional cameraman (Caleb Kay) in the house.

Those are all the kids on the first day of the camp.

The hard part of every camp is always living it out despite the dreariness of everyday life. Yet almost every camp has in one way or other been used by God to refresh me or bring me into something new. I guess church camps have had a rather special place in my heart since my first one in Pri 2.

How bout this, the camp book from my first childrens' camp.

Okay, I had Wayne, Dexter, Tiew, Sabrina, Angela, Andrea over for a movie. Was rather good and set me thinking for quite a while.
What happened when you guys left with the 3 of us?

Well, scrambled eggs, omelette, croissants, sausages, nuggets, the higher grade of ice cream, honey water... and so on.
And we didn't sleep that night. We watched Wolverine: X-men Origins, then Fast and Furious 4 and then Marley and Me. The last one Mr Heng pang-sehed us and fell asleep at the beginning. And so Dexter and I were waiting for this dog to finally die in the movie before the movie ended. And finally it did. That was about 7:30a.m.

This was some time after the girls and Tiew left. It was a very hot night. Showered a couple of times, all of us.
The morning. Casaulties of a movie marathon. Well, it was kinda better than the sleepover as planned.
In the morning I guess the only movie I could really think about was Fireproof, which was an interesting thing cuz there were 3 movies in the middle, but I was really thinking only about the first one. Fireproof gets me thinking bout relatinships and all.
And now the guys are in my room playing guitar and cards.

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