Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures from SU camp

Okay, just wanted to put up a few pictures from the SU camp.

This was real fun.

Body ministry/ soaking/ journal-ing

Group sharing time
I guess when God gives a person something to do, He gives what is necessary for the completion of the task. Sometimes it is the love. Sometimes it is the passion. Sometimes it is the perseverance, sometimes it is the joy. Sometimes it is the strange willingness to take hardship.

So far, God has really given me joy and love in this ministry. And I really need to seek His strength each day. On one side of the path are the treacherous quicksands of pride, on the other side are the dry lands of tiredness and not depending on the strength of God.
Walk the narrow path.


tecks said...

I love the picture of the 2 kids playing (1st pic of this post)... I see genuine joy in it. =] Hope you're doing great, God bless!

tecks said...
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tyong said...

Hi Tecks!