Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Movie last night

Okay, just watched this yesterday night with Jeremy, Wayne, Sabrina, Angela, Jon Lim, Joseph, Gavin. Heh... was so so lah. Worth the money in terms of screening time and effects and convincing enough acting. But then not too much of a plot. Only understood it after wiki-ing the other 3 terminator movies and checking out their plots. Guess that it's kinda lost the allure of Terminator 2. Perhaps because this one is set entirely in the future and doesn't quite catch my imagination's fancy. Sort of like how Matrix 1 was quite fascinating but in the 3rd Matrix it wasn't so fun anymore.

Yup, having a movie and sleepover tomorrow night at my place. Watching Fireproof, as recommended by Caleb. Perhaps having a supper for those actually sleeping over. Anybody else wants to come? (Guys-only for sleepover).

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