Sunday, June 07, 2009

Just back from camp!

Hey all. Just back from a Scripture Union camp with Grace AOG at Girls' Brigade campsite.

It wasn't a camp where I heard something from God or anything like that this time. But it was really refreshing for me. I ended it filled with joy and really amazed at all God has done for me. I see how the Lord used this camp to bring me back to the ministry that He's intended for me. The one He made clear to me years back (2006). That is, to the children and youth in CM. And I guess the definition of Childrens' Ministry has been kinda expanded for me in the last few months. That the Lord has been gracious to involve me in the work of touching the lives of children from places other then my own church as well.

It was wonderful to mix with lots of people. Uncle David from SU, Benjamin Ng, Daniel Teu, Aunty Florence. The children of Grace AOG. Their pastors Kwang Meng and Jadene, their youth. Caleb Kay, Joel Lee, Joshua, Abigail, Keith, Chloe, Evangeline... etc. Late night suppers every night. Captain's ball... etc etc.

I felt kinda different when I went back to my own church. Lots more joy in mixing around with my own kids and my own youth. So yes, truly, the good Lord has returned me to one of His purposes for my life.

And truth be told I have already kinda started to miss this camp and all the campers already.

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