Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This weekend- Hammock Night 3

I thought I'd blog about this weekend.

Mind now is very crowded with a lot of stuff. Marking in school and all. Some issues with people. Some issues with my walk. Am thinking that I have not been spending enough quality time with God these last few days. And even when I wake up in the mornings I feel quite tired. 3 John 2 alludes to what I believe is a fact. That if our soul doeth well, everything else will do well.

I think that the recurring question in my life has been how far I've been willing to go to make my soul well. There are a few central issues that need to stay resolved. It's very much like the tabernacle that we've been studying at BSF, and incidentally, in CM for the Pri 6 classes. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 speaks of our body being bought at a price, a temple of the Holy Spirit. And so we are living, walking, breathing tabernacles.

Of course as we all know, the old tabernacle was a symbol of things to come. I was thinking of going into details regarding the arrangement of the tabernacle etc etc photos and all, but am yawn* tired already.

Okay, what're the central issues? Keeping the lampstand burning, keeping the showbread changed, keeping the incense burning. These are things that must keep happening.

Figuratively, have I been keeping these things burning? Have I been faithful in trimming my lamps? (even as a famous new testament parable alludes to the keeping of lamps filled with oil by young ladies waiting for the bridegroom as an example of faithfulness.)

Have I been faithful in incense? Prayer? The incense back then was made out of ingredients, the work of a perfumer. Anyone who manufactured the same type of incense for self-enjoyment would be put to death. Indeed prayer is one of a kind. Its purpose is for God alone and its distinct qualities irreplaceable in the eyes of God.

Have I been keeping communion with God as represented by the showbread? Not communion as in the sacrament, but as in the walk with God.

I figure that I have grown to need to spend quite a bit of time with God to truly be at peace with everything. I suppose that would be good. It's just that after walking closely with God, everything else seems mediocre. Nothing can satisfy.

My trusty parallel bible

Alright, I shall talk about what is probably more interesting to most people.

Hammock night 3

Last Friday. We camped in a shelter, in case it rained. Well, I did pray that it'd rain a lot in the afternoon and nothing in the night. That actually happened, but anyway we slept overnight in a shelter.

I have learnt that to steam pao in field cooking, the alternative is to cover them with a wet cloth, if not they'll just go dry. Like my er, toasted pao?


That's me frying sausages for the carbonara spaghetti later. We later realised that we had too much carbonara pasta. Cuz I had enough for 2 batches. And Lowell cooked a different version of the same thing. So we were all very full.

Cooking and all

Lowell's other "dish". Tuna and biscuits.

Me, still frying the sausages

There they are.

Caleb still eating.

And well, yeah.

Someone moving the pot away while I was taking the picture

Third dish of the night, my creation. Lots of cheese. Which we all realised was too filling. Which made this hammock night a bit different. It's supposed to be moderately filling food flowing throughout the night and early morning. But oh well.

Ah yes. Us on our mat.

So well, Aaron, Jing Yang, Tiew dropped by to visit Lowell, Caleb, James and I. That's a blur picture of Aaron and Caleb.

Caleb cooking vegetables while James sleeps

James cooking. The black hammock on the ground qualifies this as a hammock night. Haha.

Lowell sleeping. Awww, so cute


Alright. Don't have that many pictures to boast as the last time. We broke camp early at about 4a.m. to sleep over at Caleb's place. Why exactly I can't quite remember... Caleb had to go to church early or something. I zonk-ed out for the last 2 dishes.

Below is a picture of the steamboat I went for with Tiew, Jacelyn, Jing Yang, Zhang Pei. 15 bucks for 3 hours. Unlimited canned drinks. So yeah, I thought we ate our money's worth.

Near the end of our meal.
Well, tomorrow I will hopefully finish almost all my marking.
Haven't been exercising much lately, regretfully so. Seem to have a lot to do. Then again I truly wonder, how much confidence do I have in the flesh as compared to my God? If I were one day to lose much of my bodily self. If I were to become quite unsightly. Would I still have full confidence in the indwelling Christ? To what extent am I truly able to trust in He who is in me? To what extent do I trust in the strength of "me"? How much further will He go to make my strength into weakness and my weakness into His strength?
Very soon I enter the phase of university life. I pray and hope that I stay close to my Lord. And to what I have been called to. May I not walk off the narrow trail. May I not give up.

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