Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things I've been doing lately

1. Straightening out my walk

2. Preparing for the SU camp I'm attending
3. Rounding up this semester in school. Giving out and going through papers with my students

4. Continuing driving lessons. Prayer-fully I pass the first time round. That'll be 23rd June, so please do keep me in prayer.

5. Exercising!

6. Reading a book by Bill Bright

Guess that I won't be running Stan Chart this year after all. Was kind of wanting to run. But then it clashes with Childrens' Camp. That's the main thing. I don't want to leave my kids on the 3rd day of the camp. And besides that, I have learnt a couple of lessons from camps past.

Well, BSF was good last night. The main points for me were:

-Fallen nature: In our fallen nature, we often do not want to wait, we want some physical thing, or some spiritual revelation, or word from God. Perhaps a miracle or a sign from above. However, before the Israelites turned away from God in spectacularly rebellious fashion (golden calf), they had seen numerous signs and wonders. Even that did not stop them from turning away from God. That is, we do not base our trust in God on signs and wonders.

-A weak leader gives in to pressure of the people. (Then again, I guess in modern times, this requires much wisdom and tact).

-Even our work for God can become idolatory.

-Idolatory does not have to be a full-sized replacement of God

-Godly leaders are developed by God through time spent alone with Him, and many challenges (man, this keeps coming up for me lor.)

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