Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Things I'm looking forward to

Looking forward to Scripture Union training this Fri, Sat. And a sleepover.

Looking forward to the next 2 weeks where the students have exams, and I don't have to teach!

Had a rather good time at BSF yesterday. Enjoying the material. Wondering when SMU starts whether I'll have enough time to go through all the stuff.

Wondering how I'll take to SMU though. Praying on this too.

Been working out again today and yesterday. Yay.

Been thinking of how much I need to learn to keep a tight rein over my tongue. I realised that it is getting increasingly important for me, that I watch what I say or what I type... etc. Even in private conversations with trusted people.

Wondering how to get my kids interested in the word of God, in their own QT? Am praying for more wisdom on this. And for God to move on this. And also increasingly realise that it's so important to lovingly discipline my kids. Not to be afraid to scold when I have to. And also to push them in terms of responsiveness.

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