Wednesday, May 20, 2009


There are 2 songs that are milestones for me.

One is "You are my All in All" and the other is "I will have no other god before you". These 2 songs often bring me back to a camp in Pri 2, 13 years ago. That was St Margaret's school. The year-end childrens' camp. I still keep the camp book. Theme was Kings. Of course, of the more exciting things I can remember, I have a most interesting memory of Jeshua being punished and made to run around in the night by Uncle Aaron because he wasn't sleeping, and coming back to the dorm hot and sweaty.

Most importantly, it was the place where I can remember that I really met God.

13 years. Wow. That's so long ago.

Of course many other songs are milestones. But these 2 songs, they're the first milestones.

Sometimes when I sing those songs, the memories of the annointing of the Holy Spirit come strongly back to me. After so many years, it is still one of my most joyful memories.

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