Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

Well, yesterday was work again. Gladly, the last day for this week.

Well, went out for another run, did some weights. Really thankful to God that my archilles tendons were quite okay already. Healed! Happy that I'm back to exercising. Need to prioritise and make sure that my 1st priority is God though. And also to watch myself, that my confidence comes not from physical exercise, but from putting it in God. Y'know, Jeremiah 17:7-8, " Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and who's trust is the Lord..."

Well, was waiting for Jeshua for lunch. And due to ahem unforseen circumstances, which perhaps on retrospect I should have foreseen , we started dinner very late.

So did about 2 hours of reading and bible study while waiting. Was quite good. The book about Bringing children to Christ. Really opened up my mind to this whole new aspect of children in the eyes of God.

So talked late into the night with Jeshua.

And slept late too.

This morning didn't really feel like waking up on time, even though I knew it was going to be a rather leisurely day. But still got up anyway.

Went on an outing with the Sec. 1 batch. Did a little bit of bowling... not too bad lah. Then went ice skating. No experience blading or skating whatsoever. So the first hour was really trial and error. Fell down so many times. Bruises and all. Tore my pants too. Haha. So wore shorts inside and carried on. Second hour was quite enjoyable. More or less there already. Don't think I've had quite so many blisters since army days.

Then went for dinner.

Enjoyed my day with all the guys and girls. Just spending time with them makes me happy I guess. Or spending time with most children.

Came home.

Man I'm tired. But it's tired from doing much fun stuff.

2 questions.

What manner of man am I?

Where is my walk with God going?

Also been wondering whether it'd be a good idea to put up more pictures etc here on my blog. Looks kinda plain I guess.

Hmm, once alert red comes, I hear school will stop. Oh well... as God wills.

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