Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Day of School

Will break for June hols after today. My school's having tomorrow off to celebrate some sporting achievement. So yeah, thank God for a rather eventful school term. Some work and all.

Next week will be an SU camp. Yeah, am looking forward to it, but am just slightly at a loss as to how things will run in such a camp. But will be missing PPTTC though.

I guess teaching has been a rather good transition in between army life and uni life. At least I've been involved in some form of academia. Essays and all. Also fun to interact with all my juniors.

My approach to teaching also changed a lot this time. I did minimal discipline. Tried to be as diplomatic as possible. No point really, those who really want to learn will still learn and those who really don't want to learn can't be forced. So might as well concentrate all energies on those who want to learn, instead of trying to get those uninterested ones interested.

Similarly, my behaviour in the staff room was also very different this time. Talked a lot less, maintained a low profile. Sort of like the grey man in the background. Interestingly, people talk a lot more around me. So I'm aware of a lot more office politics, you could say.

Only have one other old boy teaching on relief pay right now. Graduated the same year, but wasn't very close to me back then. So yeah, for work these few months I've been rather quiet in regards to my colleagues.

Sometimes have conversations with the teachers who taught me about the old days. (5 years ago?). Kinda miss some of those days where I had so many fun times with my secondary school mates. These are the guys throughout my student life who I really still do identify with. Not so for my JC friends. One reason being most of us were from the junior school. So for some of them I knew them for 10 years. We could be frank and really ourselves, since there wasn't much to hide after knowing each other for so long. All our idiosyncrasies were well known to each other.

Still easy to talk with my old friends when I meet them. Well, most of them.

Don't quite know what to expect for university though. Not really many close friends joining the university. What I don't want to be is the brooding fellow in the background this time. Hopefully will be able to make a couple of close friends in uni. At least will have people to hang around with.

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