Sunday, May 10, 2009

Been thinking again

I've been thinking a fair bit these days. Been praying a fair bit too. It seems to me that the good Lord tends to answer my prayers to "make me the person You want me to be" very well lately. Lots of emotional issues, lots of learning and growing in character. Lots of trials. Pit falls and all. And yet, growth.

Been continuing my reading. Think I average at least 3 books a month. Quite a lot of info from there.

Well, life in Childrens' Ministry. Let's just say I saw many things coming? I guess the deeper we go into any ministry, the more vulnerable we make ourselves. The more emotions we invest. So many people issues. And sometimes when you spend so much time with a kid he or she can really say something that feels like a knife thrust. But oh well. Just got to let such stuff go.

One lesson I learnt is not to let the behaviour of man, or misbehaviour, rather, influence the truth of a loving, great, holy, faultless God. Man can fail us. But God never will.

I went to Scripture Union training the last 2 days. Was superb. Had fun and all. But more importantly, I received some things from God.

Some days I really wish I could post more stuff on this blog. More personal stuff. But oh well, that would not be very right would it?

A few questions that I'm thinking about too. My Pri 6s. How do I get them to do their QT, how do I get them to grow in the fear of the Lord? I need to pray so much for them man. And on the practical side, well... ah, so much other "non-postable" stuff.

Okay, looks like some pictures are in! Many thanks to our beloved Angela Kirk!

But before that, just thought I'd take the time to show 2 pictures.

Enlistment day. My kor in the background

ORD parade day. With my kor again.
How much God has brought me through! I have so, so much to be thankful for.

Okay, the pictures from the May Day outing with the Sec 1s.

Ice skating at Kallang. A rather good experience. Well, the jeans I tore are jeans that I've been wearing since Pri 5! Arrgh. Oh well, I guess you could say that it would have happened sooner or later anyway. So why not in style eh... Haha.

The motion blur

Can see me right? Apparently I looked kinda serious skating. Hmmm. Perhaps I look too serious many times. I have figured out that if I don't smile, I look too serious, too severe I guess. Which is both advantageous and detrimental.

Right, this was the buffet. Basically, the above picture shows the table which more or less made the money worth...

And the table which had low eating stamina. Hmph. (Aiya, mostly ladies what, what to expect?)

And so we ate.

And ate.
Towards the last half hour
Us: “情问我们叫的水饺为什么还没来呢?”
And asked for lots of meat dumplings. That was really shiok. Until at the very end they told us that they had 5 to 6 dumplings left in the whole restaurant. (Well, Lowell, Caleb and I are quite convinced to this day that it wasn't quite true).
That sounded like a really funny excuse to chase us away I guess.
Anyway we were like "okay lor, so... give us the 5-6 dumplings lor!"

And then they took out 5 dumplings and gave us. Quite impossible for a buffet restaurant to be left with only 5 dumplings lah, I guess, considering that they were chasing us out since they needed a lot more space for an arriving crowd.
Hmm. I realised that this post sounds so colloquial. Perhaps I should go back to reading a few classic or expository books where the English is more complex. Then perhaps... ah then again.
Well, till our dearest Jeshua is back, not many people to discuss all this chim* stuff with. All the best bro. Get yourself a blog lah.
I suggest, as written on Caleb's tag board, you name it... Okay, shan't post that suggested name here. Hmmm yeah one more thing, it seems that Stanchart might clash with Childrens' Camp leh. So please help pray that the dates will work out in His timing. Think will prob still run even if it clashes, but aiya, not very good, know what I mean? To lose a whole day with the kids is not a thought either of us take kindly to eh?

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